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Working long distance is not a limitation. Given enough information, good feed-back and open lines of communication we arrive at the desired results! Good clients make good projects!

“I first met Patti while living in Placitas, NM in 2001. My husband and I had recently moved there and purchased a home that needed some cosmetic upgrading. We particularly wanted to add color to its white walled/pale carpeted blandness, but I was at a loss as to how to proceed. I love color, but I was afraid of working with it on my own. Then, one day, I stumbled across “Patrician Design” in downtown Albuquerque. I was drawn into this bright, lively, and colorful shop and just fell in love with the place. And when I realized that it was more than a shop – that it offered interior design services as well — I wondered if this could be the answer I was seeking. Once I met positive, friendly, honest, straightforward, talented, creative, and funny Patti, I knew that she was just what we needed.

Patti helped us in so many ways. She asked all the right questions and was full of great ideas. She wasn’t afraid of color and helped us with a pretty audacious color scheme that turned-out perfectly. In addition to helping us with an interior paint and carpet scheme, she came up with a wonderful redesign of our fireplace and hearth, which included a re-designed entertainment area. I wasn’t even thinking that she would be able to help us with that and it turned-out fabulous. In the end, we had a beautiful new fireplace, brightly colored walls, new carpet, and new tile. It all came together perfectly. In addition, Patti helped us find the contractors to do the work, helped us select stone and tile, and held our hands during the entire process. On the first day of painting, when my husband and I were freaking-out, she (figuratively) held our hands and gently reassured us that it would be alright. And it was! Best of all she was aware of our budget constraints and kept that in mind during the entire project.

Fast forward to the summer of 2016: my husband and I had left New Mexico and moved to California several years before and we were in the middle of a big project to redo our front yard and do some additional upgrades to the exterior of our little Victorian home. When we bought the house it was the talk of the neighborhood because of its fun and quirky paint scheme. Over the years many people had told us how much they loved the colors and it was a rather distinctive landmark. Now we were faced with repainting it. My husband had made it clear he wanted to change the colors. We agreed we wanted something fun – definitely not drab and boring. But what should that be? I literally agonized over this for months in advance. Again I was afraid to compose a paint scheme on my own. I checked Pinterest, I grabbed all kinds of brochures and paint chips from paint stores, I tried to find an affordable paint consultant, I talked to friends. And I couldn’t come up with any combination I liked or trusted. However, the clock was ticking and we were approaching the date when the contractor needed to start painting the house. In desperation I chose a paint scheme I thought would work but, much to my dismay, our neighbors painted their house a similar color. Ack! I threw out that idea and was left with nothing. And the clock was ticking.

Then it hit me like a flash: Patti!! Patti can save us! I knew that Patti knew colors, she knew our taste and style, and, most importantly, I trusted her. I was so relieved to see that she was still in business and I wasted no time contacting her. But would she be able and willing to help us on such short notice, with a deadline looming? Once again our prayers were answered. We spoke on the phone, just like old times. She remembered us and our house in Placitas and some of the quirky things about it. And she was willing to help us long-distance. We agreed that I would send her several pictures of our house from different angles and an email that detailed what I needed her help with and what I wanted her to consider.

In addition to asking her for a paint scheme (which we wanted to be fun and colorful), I asked for her input on other things, such as light fixtures, and front and garage door designs. I sent her links to some items that we were considering and asked for her input.

A few days later she emailed me her suggestions and comments. It was detailed and very helpful. She considered everything: the color of the new stonework and the new pavers, the color of the flowers that we are going to plant, and the colors of the adjacent houses. She also included links to items, such as light fixtures, that she thought would work. She listed specific paint colors and her reasoning behind her choices. I rushed to the local Benjamin Moore paint store, grabbed the paint chips, and then we set-up a call to discuss everything. We discussed and agreed on the main paint and trim colors, but when I pushed for a more rambunctious accent, she talked me out of it (and I’m glad she did). She assured me that the color scheme she was recommending would be “happy and fun”, and “spectacular yet responsible” so as not to freak-out the neighbors.

So the big day came. The painters started painting the house, and just as before, I started to panic. And, just as before, she held my hand (via email) and calmly reassured me that it would all be fine. And, just as before, it was all fine. In the end, everything came out perfectly and we continue to get compliments on our house. We’ve also had lots of people come forward and tell us how much they disliked the previous color scheme* and they are so happy with the warm colors we have now.

So, for those of you who are considering working with Patti long-distance, let me reassure that it works well. She makes herself available, is easy to talk to, listens to your ideas and concerns, and is an incredible designer and a really great person. I hope I don’t have to wait another 15 years before I can work with her again.”

Valerie Guardia (Benicia, CA)
Residential Exterior Design Client

Bay Area Bungalow Before & After Slideshow