Beauty in Black

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Having worked for this couple for many years, the original kitchen we inherited back at the time of our initial consultations. It was white-washed red oak which resulted in a now dated peachy-bleach-toned finish. We had accented it with iron petroglyph symbols, black kitchen table and chairs about 20 years ago. An interim iteration had us updating the flooring tiles to a larger format stone-look porcelain. The clients recently called us in to help them once again, update their look. They thought they wanted to go white on the cabinets. They had contacted a transformation company and were ready to get them started when they called us to get another opinion. Without blinking, I said black would be beautiful!! The cabinets were in perfect condition, took the expertly applied layers of black finish perfectly and with the grain reading through on purpose it looks like a fine, semi-gloss exotic moiré texture. Fabulous! The new granite countertops tied in beautifully with the existing floor material and the result is a stunning new kitchen punctuated with new stainless appliances, pendant light fixtures and recessed cans to replace the outdated fluorescents boxed into the ceiling from the original construction.

Beauty in Black Before & After Slideshow