Elegant Whimsy

Gates and fencing can be fun! Here our client was in need of security. An invasive break-in changed their lives. Moving was not the answer, but creating an attractive deterrent was! The home was quite clean-lined. As a juxtaposition to the straight lines we decided to add some curves. These undulating lines are a simple, pleasing contrast to the geometry. It suggests an organic compliment to the built architecture. Shadows even evoke the weave of fibers. One observer mentioned the suggestion of coyote fencing with its imperfectly erect sticks, branches that enclose everything out here in the southwest from courtyards to acreage. Pointed tips resolved the top detail while making it nearly impossible to cross. It provided an artfully visual deterrent and an actual physically impassible barrier that is centered as an entry gate leading to the front doors and wrapping between the columns to enclose the courtyard. Coordinating side gates flank the house.