Gold Street Caffé

This jazzy urban interior was created from an unimproved space from the early 60s. The lay-in ceiling was ripped out, the concrete floor was exposed and stained for part of the dining space, the raised area behind the custom fabricated rusted iron leaf railing was carpeted and hardwood was used in the back room. The back room has a sand-blasted glass garage door which drops, allowing light in from the front of the space and creating a separate meeting room. It is a small cafe, yet we created five different venues for choice of seating and variety. This first is the front area on concrete with granite tables and iron chairs. The second is an upholstered round booth, dividing the front from the middle. In the third area, you’ll find four stools at the counter. The middle section is the fourth area and it’s a raised seating area behind the iron railing and against the exposed (original) brick wall – large mirrors add depth and dimension to the expansive wall. The last area is back room with a community table or for use as a private room. The colors are warm and rich, the angles are edgy and interesting, and the mix of the various finishes makes for an interesting and pleasing composition.