Organizing a Man’s World

Before & After Slideshow

This active home office had morphed over the years with redundant computer equipment and surfaces. The challenge was to consolidate and better display the extensive collections of model Porsche cars and trophies as well as sports memorabilia. The trophies and cars were jammed on the top of lateral files which made it impossible to appreciate.

We designed cantilevered shelves with concealed supports.They appear to float against the walls. The cars are now well displayed and the sports paraphernalia have been zoned in separate areas to allow for better exhibiting and viewing. The existing teak desk and lateral file cabinet were matched along with the shelves with a secondary credenza behind the desk. All artwork was removed and rearranged on the walls.

The finished product is a showcase of this man’s personal hobbies and history magnificently displayed and organized for a greater focus on each of the all-important elements in his world.

Organizing a Man’s World Before & After Slideshow